Most of my clients are coached remotely and there is only one "plan". While some coaches/companies have plans with different levels of communication and "service", my approach is all inclusive and unlimited. This includes program adjustments, email and phone contact with frequent communication. Therefore, I only coach a limited number of riders so they can receive state-of-the-art coaching and I am in constant communication with all my clients. I take a scientific approach and apply methods that have been proven in research studies.

All clients receive a free TrainingPeaks Premium account so I can follow their training on a daily basis. A heart rate monitor and power meter are necessities, plus the habit of taking daily morning heart rates. This allows me to monitor if there are early signs of overtraining or sickness. I expect there to be constant feedback on the perceived difficulty of the efforts, which together with HR and power data, give me a complete picture of your progress and the ability to make adjustments on the fly. 

Programs are built on the principle of forward (or reverse) periodization and take into account what kind of a rider you are, how much time you have available, experience, weather and so forth. At Performance Scientific there are no cookie cutter programs. You are an individual and your program is tailored as such.

I expect a minimum commitment of 1 year, but often it takes much longer than 1 year to reach your full potential when working with a coach. Cycling is one of those sports that build on micro, meso and macro (yearly) cycles.

Let Performance Scientific take you to the next level.

Joachim monitors my training very closely and adjusts the plan as needed, to account for how my body is reacting to the training load. If you want to get stronger and faster, I highly recommend Joachim, without reservation. “
— Robert O.